Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume: The PJ Masks

Popularized by the Disney channel, every kid wants to be one of the PJ Masks characters especially this Halloween. Amaya becomes Owlette. Connor becomes Catboy. Greg becomes Gecko. And your kid wants to become one of them. However, the costume prices are just way too expensive for something that your kid will wear only once or twice. Well, do not fret lovely mommas and loving dads. We got you covered. You will not have to spend so much when you give in to their request to go as the PJ Mask.

Here are the materials that you will need for this project:

Plain overalls or matching plain colored sweatshirt and jogging pants (in green, blue or red depending on the character they want to portray)

Felt cloth (about ¼ yard each of dark green and light green/ dark red and light red/ dark blue and light blue)

Old shirt

Old red blanket

Fabric Glue

Elastics or string

Print out or stickers of the faces of PJ Masks characters


For the masks: Print out a template of the masks used by the PJ Masks. There is a lot available online. Use the template to create a pattern on the dark-colored felt cloth. Cut out the pattern carefully. Make another pattern on your old shirt and cut it out carefully. Using a fabric glue, put the two cut out patterns together. The old shirt will serve as a backing of the mask, giving it more weight and you will be sure that the mask is soft enough to touch your kid’s face. Punch a hole in the sides and insert the string or elastics. You already have a mask!

For Owlette’s feathers: Use the old blanket to make a cape. Attach it to the upper back of the sweater or overalls. If you want to be more creative, you can design the cape with feathers for Owlette. Just cut out feather patterns on your light red colored felt cloth and attach them to the cape.

For Gecko: Cut out patterns of scales on your light green felt cloth and put them on the mask and overalls.

For Catboy: Cut out patterns of lightning flash on your light blue felt cloth and attach them to the mask and overalls.

Stick the printed face of the desired PJ Masks character on the chest part of the overalls.

There you have it, your kid’s very own PJ Masks costumes!

Happy Halloween!