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luau craft ideasSummer Kids Crafts from Luau Crafts to Pirate Crafts

Its Hot! School's Out! Time for Summer Crafts.
Luau Crafts & Pirate crafts for Summer Celebrations

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Paper plate Beach

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Camp crafts, coloring pages and learning crafts. Celebrate the arrival of summer with some of our summer crafts for kids!




Our ideas are adaptable for all ages of kids, and most are quick and easy to make. Luau crafts 4 kids are excellent for your child's next birthday party.You will find complete instructions to easy printable kids crafts. Here are some excellent kids craft ideas. Our Summer Luau is a family tradition and we add new craft annually! Each year we design original kids crafts for BBQs picnics, Sunday school and preschool and share them with family and friends by e-mail or snail mail. We have crafts made with paper cups, paper plates, some that you can eat - YUMMY!
There are kids crafts galore. Come in. Look around. And get crafting! Be sure to share YOUR great ideas with us!

Summer Learning Crafts

Going to the beach or Aquarium this summer? Take pictures, take notes and then create your own Ocean Diorama.
Better summer learning craftsyet, do the reaseach before you leave home and build the excitement with a summer learning craft that will stick with them well into the school year.


From leis and hula skirts to luau decorations, tropical party extras. Personalize your own luau birthday party invitations designed for boys OR girls, make a table top Luau with hawaiian themed coloring pages, Luau Paperdolls and crafted decorations. Kids love crafts!  You can see the sparkle in their eyes when they make things with their hands- painting, coloring or simply cutting out pictures you can see their imagination working.  Having crafts gives parents a bit of a break to have adult conversation, and a chance to grab some munchies without little ones vying for a spot on Mom's lap.





Printable Craft pages look for this symbolPrintable craft instructions

Don't miss our section of easy Christmas Crafts. Use these ideas to help fill those bored moments between snow storms or shopping trips. Thinking of something to give to distant relatives who are visiting? Kids craft ideas can turn into one of a kind Christmas gifts.


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Art, Learning & Play

Over the years, I have evolved and grown into my job as a mother, as my family has evolved and grown in size. With each child, my world changed, not only in mathematical terms but also in dynamics, imagination and creativity!

In addition to making sure each child gets some undivided mommy attention, playing dolls, reading books, cars, blocks, cooking and sewing etc...I allow them to explore their world and focus on creating kids crafts and art projects that cater to their current interests.

So this website grew from a place to store all our holiday kids crafts to one that shows off our home school learning crafts on the topics of the kid's choice.

The children in turn have become creative designers and are working on their own craft ideas, personal interest websites and business blogs. Yes, they are only in elementary school. However, in this house we focus on each child choosing a business to explore and create.