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ABOUT US: Free Crafts for kids photos and printable craft instructions. Easy educational children arts and crafts projects for children. Preschool crafts, school aged craft and crafts for kids in mixed aged groups for homeschooling co-ops and camp crafts. Kids Crafts with kid friendly materials such as paint, paper, boxes, string, crayons, paint, glue, fabric and pompoms, pipe cleaners, beads, ribbons and more. Our craft projects include: learning crafts for history, science and literature, toys, games and FREE printable coloring pages/templates.

thanksgiving crafts for kids
FALL in Love with these Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids!


thanksgiving paper dollsOUR FAVORITE THANKSGIVING CRAFT - Pilgrim and Native American

Printable Paper Dolls

Easy Thanksgiving crafts, (look for the PRINT THIS PAGE button to create printable craft ideas for kids with simple instructions). Print Each of these kids crafts are tested & include photo craft instructions. Look for this button on EACH page to print your own instructions! Fall is here! Find a cornicopia of FREE CRAFT IDEAS suitable for preschool crafts these projects start the Autumn Holiday season right and deck the halls.These preschool crafts are one-of-a-kind gifts or a festive holiday decorations. Designed with simple instructions and pictures make it possible for anyone to create a holiday craft projects they can be proud of. Thanksgiving is not just turkeys (although we have some wonderful turkey crafts!)! You'll find Native American crafts,  place settings to make and even simple recipes for kids.


Kindergarten Crafts ages 4 -6

Yep these are the CUTEST Fall Crafts ever! The Handprint Turkey Hat brought out the giggles in my kids. Our six year olds painted toliet tubes one day and then decorated them the next with felt and feathers! The entire class got to dress up with our finger painted paperbag vests. This scarecrow was actually a recycle craft left over paints from our Native American puppets was left to dry on the paper plates and then the kids decorated it with paper scraps. Of course, handprint crafts and HANDS DOWN my favorite sentimental craft. These are still brought out each year to the ahhh's of amazment how small their hands really were.

turkey headband

paper bag indian vest

indian  toilet paper tube

scarecrow paperplate

turkey handprint

handprint forest craft


toilet tube turkey
Toilet Tube Turkey

How about some sweet preschool craft for fall? A printable template is included with our Paper Plate Turkey. Having a day care Thanksgiving celebration? Have the kids create and Apple Turkey. Or perhaps give your celebration snacks to the kids in a Paper Bag Turkey. My FAVORITE kids craft is our Paper plate pilgrim hat. Come to find out they probably didn't wear black and buckles its still a traditional imagine and I love their little faces. My 4year olds created this Toilet Tube & paper plate turkey that are displayed with pride each year.

preschool craft paper plate turkey


paperplate turkey


apple turkey


preschool craft pilgrim


bag turkey


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Primary School Kids crafts

Elementary School Aged Kids CRAFTS ages 5-9

These crafts could be completed by younger children with more assistance however we found the most joy in crafting these kids projects with a group of kids ages 5 to 9. Our stuffed pumpkins decorate the bathroom - there is a surprise inside! The history bracelet is a wonderful reminder of the true story behind the Thanksgiving celebration. The kids really loved making their stained glass turkeys they hung around almost till Christmas. Our flowerpot scarecrow was a project completed with close adult supervision although not complicated it does have terra cotta pots that are no fun to clean up if dropped. The paper cup crows are easy and the 5 year olds created a field of them alone. Our newest project was a learning craft using watercolors and salt. Don't forget the sweet treats! Always fun to reward the hard work crafting by eating your creations! enjoy!!


Awesome Pumpkin crafts and activities for kids

thanksgiving braclet

1st Thanksgiving history bracelet

turkey craft, preschool craft

Stainglass turkey adds a touch of whimsy

fall treats to eat 
A little squirrel hid these fall treats inside the kids lunch box
turkey treats to eatDefinately deserves a desert before dinner award yummy! fall wreath 
Oldie and goodie just gather those things the preschoolers collect and make a wreath

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It is a time for giving Thanks for all the good things and blessings in our life! 
Head home from Thanksgiving Crafts to other great projects.


Fall (AutumnCrafts for kids. Kindergarten, preschool, and elementary school crafts. Make wonderful, simple autumn crafts with things found around the house. These preschool craft and kids projects are one-of-a-kind gifts or a festive holiday decorations. Designed with simple instructions and pictures make it possible for anyone to create aholiday craft projects they can be proud of. Thanksgiving is not just turkeys although we have some wonderful turkey crafts! You'll find Native American crafts,  place settings to make and even simple recipes for kids.

turkey headband indian  toilet paper tube paper bag indian vest scarecrow paperplate turkey handprint
paperplate turkey apple turkey bag turkey pilgrim hat toilet tube paperplate turkey
toiletroll pumpkins thanksgiving braclet turkey craft, preschool craft claypot scarecrow blackbird craft
fall treats to eat turkey treats to eat fall wreath pumpkin craft handprint forest craft

It is a time for giving Thanks for all the good things and blessings in our life.

Do you have a table full of little guests...don't you think it would be fun to have them help you decorate their little table with paper Thanksgiving Crafts. Here are some sweet ideas to inspire your Thanksgiving Craft table.

thanksgiving kids craft table

Paperbag Turkey - look for the other inspiring kids craft table while there

Pilgrim Hat, Pie snack holder and Mayflower drink cup from Fiskars

And of course provides some Mayflower Centerpiece ideas

Don't miss our section of easy Christmas kids crafts for children. Use these ideas to help fill those bored moments between snow storms or shopping trips. Thinking of something to give to distant relatives who are visiting? Kids craft ideas can turn into one of a kind Christmas gifts.
Easy Christmas Craft for Kids

Advent Crafts
Advent Crafts

Pointsetta Craft for Kidshomemade ornaments

handprint angelHandprint Angel

angel ornament

PaperClay Angel



silluette ornament

Photo sihouette

angel craft

Doily Angel

hndprint wreathhandprint craft

St Nicholas Craft

St Nicholas Craft

Paper Tube Printable Angel

Printable Angel Crafts

handmade ornament craft

Photolid Recycle Craft

handprint reindeer giftbag

Handprint Reindeer Craft

stamp christmas

Sponge Painting Christmas Activities

Winter Craft Ice Skate

Ice Skating Craft

painted ceramics

Painting with Kids


christmas candle

Dollar Store Candle Craft

gingerbread holderCraftsEdible Crafts

Candy Cane Crafts

Candycane Crafts



homemade Christmas Cards

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Printable craft instructions

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Home from Thanksgiving Crafts


Art, Learning & Play

Over the years, I have evolved and grown into my job as a mother, as my family has evolved and grown in size. With each child, my world changed, not only in mathematical terms but also in dynamics, imagination and creativity!

In addition to making sure each child gets some undivided mommy attention, playing dolls, reading books, cars, blocks, cooking and sewing etc...I allow them to explore their world and focus on creating kids crafts and art projects that cater to their current interests.

So this website grew from a place to store all our holiday kids crafts to one that shows off our home school learning crafts on the topics of the kid's choice.

The children in turn have become creative designers and are working on their own craft ideas, personal interest websites and business blogs. Yes, they are only in elementary school. However, in this house we focus on each child choosing a business to explore and create.

For FALL 2012

We are looking for Child Development Blogs that feature Play based learning! FREE LINKS SPACE PROVIDED HERE!

Share yours with us! Subject line should read: Play based Blog

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